Raised by Wolves Review

Raised by Wolves Review

Today, Foxtel and Binge unveil the hotly-anticipated sci-fi series, Raised By Wolves.

In Raised by Wolves, we are thrown straight into the world of the planet Kepler-22b where we meet the passengers of a vessel – Mother (Amanda Colin) and Father (Abubaker Salim), a pair of androids.

The duos main purpose is to procreate a new civilization and bring up young human babies, one of whom is Campion (Winta McGrath), the most intriguing of the bunch. Eventually the planet becomes inhospitable and their lives bleak. Twelve years on, only Campion has survived and the androids need help, which comes in the form of human Marcus (Travis Fimmel).

Raised By Wolves, created by Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners, and The Red Road), is a really slow burn and spends most of the first episode, offered for this review, building the world and setting up the series. This slow start may put people off, but there is potential for sci-fi fans.

Casting-wise, Amanda Collins is captivating while Aussies Winta and Travis look to be the main ones to follow as the series progresses.

Raised By Wolves certainly has an interesting premise but its slow nature will divide many, however it definitely has potential for those willing to stick it out


3 Stars.

Raised By Wolves premieres 8:30pm Thursday on Fox Showcase, with new episodes airing weekly. For those who don’t want to wait, Binge will be dropping the first three episodes express from the US on Thursday, with double episodes dropping weekly.