All’s Fair In Love And Lockdown.

All’s Fair In Love And Lockdown.

Tonight on The Bachelor Australia, we watched Locky and his Bachelorettes navigate the new normal, as they began Love in Lockdown.

After being told filming at the mansion was no longer safe, everyone returned home to self-isolate. Not letting a global pandemic stand in the way of love, Locky and the ladies continued the process online – a worldwide Bachie first.

A group video call saw all the ladies reconnected with their Bachelor. Locky wasted no time in getting his love story back on track, inviting Izzy on a single date.

In a virtual cook-along, Izzy and Locky made Mexican food together, progressing to a sit-down dinner where they tacoed bout their feelings, before kicking back in a romantic spa. With the bath taking place via Zoom, it certainly wasn’t the dinner and bubbles they’d grown accustomed to in the mansion.

Loving that Izzy had come out of her shell during lockdown, and that the two of them shared such a deep connection without being physical, Locky presented Izzy with a rose.

The next day, the Bachelorettes joined Locky for a Onesie Party, over Zoom. Dressed as different animals, the ladies had the opportunity to ask the group anonymous questions.

Nothing was off-limits, as Bella was asked whether she was looking for love, or more followers on the ‘gram and Juliette was quizzed about her 12-year celibacy. Roxi was left seething after someone asked whether she had a secret boyfriend, taking herself, and her onesie, offline.

At the end of the date, Locky was happy to see another side of Kaitlyn’s personality, and presented her with a rose.

At the cocktail party, Locky immediately pulled Roxi aside for a chat. Admitting he couldn’t care less about the question, he encouraged Roxi to stand up for herself and Ctrl+Alt+Del any worries.

Feeling that she too was asked a deeply personal question, Juliette let Roxi know she was less than impressed by the outburst. With the confrontation turning heated, Roxi decided to ghost Juliette and turn her chat off.

At the rose ceremony, Bel did not receive a rose, and was most likely removed from the group chat.