Rain Dogs Review

Rain Dogs Review

This week Binge unveiled its new HBO comedy in the form of Rain Dogs.

Rain Dogs tells the story of Costello Jones (Daisy May Cooper) who we meet when she is being evicted from her flat that she shares with her daughter Iris (Fleur Tashjian). Life isn’t exactly firing for this aspiring writer. It’s a bleak opening to the series, but Costello is determined not to give up.

We also get to meet Costello’s best friend Gloria (Ronke Adékoluejo), as well as the recently released Selby (Jack Farthing) who met when they were in university. Costello and Selby have dependency issues and while their relationship isn’t all that healthy and borderline toxic, he might just be the key to her survival.

There isn’t too much more to say about Rain Dogs without spoiling all the twists and turns that the series delivers. But having been able to watch the whole 8-episode first season I can say that creator Cash Conway has delivered a dark comedy that while bleak also has plenty of joy too. The characters are fleshed out and the key cast are all so great that it’s hard to pick out a favourite.

Dark and realistic, Rain Dogs is one of the must-watch shows of the year.

4.5 Stars

The first episode of Rain Dogs is now available on Binge, with new episodes every Tuesday.


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