Hurricaine Harrison Causes Havoic

Hurricaine Harrison Causes Havoic

It’s the morning of the fifth Dinner Party and the tumultuous Couples Retreat has left a scent of drama in the air.

As our couples begin to prepare for tonight’s festivities, Hugo is getting ready separately. Hugo and Tayla have not spoken since the retreat and Hugo is hoping Tayla will take accountability for her lack of effort and interest she’s put into their relationship.

But unbeknownst to Hugo, Claire has received a text message from Tayla explaining that she will not be at the Dinner Party tonight and that she has gone back to her hometown in Tasmania.

The retreat for Claire and Jesse strengthened their bonds and they’re both determined for Jesse to move back into their apartment. Melinda and Layton are going into the Dinner Party with a newly forged connection – Harrison attempted to destabilise their relationship at the retreat, but instead the couple grew closer and are more united than ever.

Bronte and Harrison are going into the Dinner Party in the worst shape they’ve been in thus far. In a shock turn of events, Bronte explains that Harrison broke up with her after the retreat via a text message. She can’t understand how someone who says he’s falling in love with her at the previous Commitment Ceremony can break up with her at the drop of a hat. Meanwhile Harrison explains that Melinda’s comment at the retreat about their relationship being fake planted a seed of doubt in his mind, and after instigating a conversation with Bronte about their future, he was unhappy with her response, lost trust in her and broke it off.

At the Cocktail Party, Tayla’s departure is revealed to a crestfallen Hugo. And Bronte reveals her break-up with Harrison to the girls. With Bronte finally seeing Harrison for the manipulator he is, the girls are primed and ready to take Harrison down for his manipulating ways.

At the Dinner Party, the women challenge Harrison’s decision to break up with Bronte given he was full of love for her at the Commitment Ceremony. Harrison reveals he no longer trusts Bronte and rejects Bronte’s reassurances, calling them “wishy washy”. Unable to get her point across, Bronte leaves the Dinner Party in tears.

When Claire calls Harrison out for his treatment of Bronte, Harrison flips to question Claire’s authenticity in the experiment and her feelings for Jesse. To the shock and sadness of all, Claire and Jesse’s relationship breaks down at the table as a result of Harrison’s meddling.

Harrison eventually gets his comeuppance in the final act when he goes head to head with Melinda who’s sick of his meddling ways. When Harrison attempts to throw her relationship with Layton under the bus too, they stand united and strong leaving Harrison looking sheepish.

Meanwhile, amongst the chaos, Tayla has randomly returned from Tasmania to rejoin the group. Baffled and shocked, Hugo politely breaks up with Tayla and they agree that the Dinner Party will be their final night in the Experiment.


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