Queen Katie dethroned in the biggest blindside yet

Queen Katie dethroned in the biggest blindside yet

Tonight the big shock departures on Big Brother kept coming.

onight on Big Brother, Daniel continued to work his magic on Katie, Marley and Jess, patiently planning his attack.

Big Brother’s money tree had the hungry housemates run off their feet in a desperate mission for food.  

Housemates paired up to get up close and personal in the challenge, and when Daniel and Marley took out the win, Daniel convinced Marley to nominate 50/50.  

They chose Charlotte together, Marley picked Ari and Daniel chose to blow things up by nominating Katie.

After a spicy eviction ceremony, the player had been played and Katie was sent home.

“Everyone is making big, strong moves,” said Katie. “The opportunity was there and they took it. I felt a bit blindsided, particularly by the mums, Mary and SJ. They’re the ones who had my back to begin with but didn’t in the end and it hurts. Daniel definitely fooled me. I’m so angry, I want him out of this game.”

Monday 7.30pm housemates are in for the shock of thei


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