Masterchef serves up a Kirsten Tibballs treat

Masterchef serves up a Kirsten Tibballs treat

Therese, Justin, Dan and Brent were up for elimination and faced a massive pressure test set by world-renowned chocolatier and MasterChef Australia legend, Kirsten Tibballs.

Kirsten presented three intricate and ambitious desserts that the contestants had to replicate in three and a half hours; a mousse cake, style rebellion lollipops and ruby financier.  

Despite the judges asking Therese repeatedly whether she wanted to play her immunity pin, she decided against it.  

Justin impressed the judges with his mastery of Kirsten’s techniques. His print, glaze and lollipops were fantastic and the piping was a standout.  

Brent could hardly believe how much he’d grown as a cook since entering the competition and the judges agreed. Kirsten described Brent’s dishes as “a little bit of chocolate magic”.  

During Dan’s tasting, the judges noted that although he’d missed his glaze, his lollipops were close to Kirsten’s and his screen-print was gorgeous.  

When Therese presented her dishes, they were missing the glaze and the outer stencil on the cake, and she admitted that she would have played her immunity pin if she had her time again. The judges and Kirsten discovered a long list of flaws and Mel said she was heartbroken for Therese.  

There was a stunned silence when it was announced that Therese had been eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen. Therese gave a heartfelt goodbye and promised that she would continue to pursue her passion.  


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