Purgatory sees Michelle Sent to Jury

Purgatory sees Michelle Sent to Jury

Michelle gave it all she had to fight her way to play another day in the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water outback, but unfortunately tonight she became the fourth member to join the Jury.

Earlier that day, Shay was thrilled to be reunited with her buddies Jordie and KJ in Purgatory, as they spent the morning plotting their next play.

Mark put his physical chops on display today as he got his hands on his first Immunity Challenge, much to his wife Sam’s delight. With the news that tonight’s eliminated castaway would also be sent to Purgatory, they set their sights on voting out either their alliance member David or solo agent Michelle.

But there was also talk of flushing Mark’s idol by making Sam paranoid enough to play it. As chaotic as Sam is, she deserves credit for holding her nerve.

Sam sat tight at Tribal Council, putting all her faith in her majority alliance, as she watched the votes roll out for Michelle, just as she had planned.

It wasn’t over for Michelle, who reunited with her Purgatory castaways for another crack at re-entering the game. 

While she gave it her best crack, Michelle, unfortunately, finished last in the challenge, while Jordie, KJ and Shay won their way back into Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.


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