Dark horse Darius Boyd opens up while lone wolf Pauly Fenech comes under attack

<strong><em>Dark horse Darius Boyd opens up while lone wolf Pauly Fenech comes under attack</em></strong><strong><em></em></strong>

Last night on SAS Australia, Darius Boyd was thrust into the spotlight before revealing his painful past and Pauly Fenech’s mistakes sparked anger among the group.

Already on the outer with the other recruits, Pauly came under attack after a misplaced box of matches literally set the place on fire, before he was found with Ebanie’s missing fork and Millie’s missing sock. Even the DS were tiring of Pauly’s antics with Ollie Ollerton telling him to start switching on: “If you want to be here at the end, you’ve got to change your attitude.”

The first challenge of the day for the fatigued recruits was a mid-air helicopter ladder crossing, completed in pairs. The only two recruits to execute the task successfully were Darius and Anna Heinrich, with Chief Instructor Ant Middleton congratulating them on an outstanding effort.

Recruits then faced one of the most gruelling tasks on SAS selection – hauling a 230 kilogram log up a steep, treacherous bush track in just one hour. Team leader Darius failed to lead, while the course’s heaviest and oldest recruits – Geoff Huegill and Pauly – fell way behind the pack, angering DS Clint Emerson: “My grandparents f*** faster than you move and they’re dead!”

NRLW player Millie Boyle stepped up to take charge but it was too late, with Ollie describing the failed mission as an “absolute shower of f***ing shite.”

Back at base, Darius required medical assistance for a painful splinter embedded deep under his fingernail, before being called in for questioning by the DS, who were keen to learn more about the quiet, emotionally cut off, “dark horse”.

The retired NRL star revealed he’s never met his father and that as a teenager, he was estranged from his mum for eight years after she was diagnosed with major depression.

Darius then admitted he struggled with his own mental health for a number of years, which saw him let down a bunch of people, including wife Kayla who he was unfaithful to: “My whole life just fell apart, fell to shit to be honest.”

After hitting rock bottom, Darius sought help through a mental health facility and has since rebuilt himself and his relationships.

“It definitely took time for myself and Kayla,” he said. “But [we’re] in such a really good space now after some of the hardships we’ve gone through. I’m really happy to be in this space and be able to bring our daughters into a really loving environment.”


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