Pollies Tackle The Big Issues on I’m A Celebrity

There were tears, tantrums, tales and terrifying trials on I’M a Celebrity last night.

He considers himself a bit of joker, but Sam’s candid chat with Yvie , Natasha and Justine was no laughing matter. No stranger to the tabloids, Sam opened up to the women about his political scandal and the repercussions it has had on his mental health, marriage, family and public image. Offering solid support, the trio rallied behind Sam and reminded him how much he has to live for. Jacqui got fired up when speaking with Natasha over her long-standing issue with veteran affairs and how their negligence led her to almost take her life.

The hypothermia risk-o-metre was in overdrive in the most physical and mentally demanding trial so far this season when  future jungle love birds Justin and Angie in chambers filled with icy cold water, keys and five locked valves. Every time Justin or Angie unlocked a valve, water rushed into their opponents tank. While Angie gave it her best crack, Justin was in full Speedy Gonzales mode and took out the winning title.

Justin may slay on the runway, but it seems our jungle Zoolander is unlucky in love. The international fashion model expressed his wish to find love and be a young father.

Remember when Paul Burrell gave us the full expose on Buckingham Palace? Well our resident reporter Richard did one better with his tantalising tales straight from La-La Land. It seems Hollywood heavyweights Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez all make his nice list, but don’t get the man started on Tommy Lee Jones.

Strap yourselves in for lemon gate. It was the clash of the Scorpios when Justin and Justine went head-to-head over how to use lemon in a dish. Later on, Justine attempted to resolve the issue, but it all ended in tears for Justin.

The excitement continues tonight with the season’s first food Tucker Trial, Breakfast In Bed. This trial will be egghausting for Jacqui, Justin, Justine and Natasha who will be dining on a menu of nasties.