10 Peach to Fastrack This Is Us

Ahead of its US return, tomorrow 10 Peach has confirmed  This Is Us will return next week.

We pick up from season 3 episode 10 The Last Seven Weeks. which airs just 8 days after its US premiere.

During the fall finale, we were left with two gigantic revelations: Jack’s brother Nicky is alive and Rebecca is the “her” that Future Randall and Future Tess are preparing to visit.

The most important connection to come is the one that Tess, as a growing young woman, is developing with her grandmother. This Is Us will return with more of modern-day Nicky and we trace back to Jack’s life in Pittsburgh. With any luck, there might even be a new baby Pearson to obsess over!

8:30pm Thursday January 24 on 10 Peach