Pollies Go Head To Head On I’m A Celebrity

There was a rumble in the South African jungle last night as tensions simmered to explosive levels.

After stealing the Camper’s kale and being punished with a kale detox, Luke and Justine were tasked with a secret camp challenge to redeem themselves. With some highly-coveted chocolate muffins up for grabs, the sneaky thieves successfully stole items from under their camp mates nose, or in Justin’s case, their lips. The manicured model was not at all amused when his most prized possession – his chapstick – went awol.

Someone call in the referee, or Dermott, because all bets were off once a heated debate between Jacqui and Sam commenced. When the topic of capital punishment arose, hot-headed Jacqui made it clear to the camp that she believed drug-addicted criminals were a burden for taxpayers and were better off dead. Sam immediately took issue with Lambie’s stance, telling her he was against capital punishment, and that putting someone to death costs more to society than life imprisonment.

In an epic trial, Basket Fall, sent two good-looking roosters to the sky. Luke and Justin faced-off in a death defying head-to-head battle of shooting hoops 60 metres above sea level.

Moving down the high wire with the same effort and precision he would a runway show for Givenchy, it almost looked like consecutive trial winner Justin had this one in the bag. But not letting his intense fear of heights break him, a nervous Luke swooped out of nowhere to beat his opponent 3-2.

Let’s take a moment to sympathise with poor Yvie’s date with disaster. After striking a chord with a man she spoke with on the switchboard at work, Yvie opened up to Richard about how disappointed the man was when he met her in person. In a heart-breaking exchange, Yvie cited this moment as the catalyst for her not wanting to be in a relationship.

Keeping with the theme of incredible females being honest and open, Natasha spoke to Angie  about her past and suffering from depression. From being fired from breakfast television, to the media fallout that followed, nothing was off topic for the brave beauty.

On Saturday night, join host Scott Tweedie for I’m A Celebrity Saturday Schoolies, Australia’s number one African outdoor classroom game show. And on Sunday, Justin and Tahir Bilgiç will battle it out in a trial of gigantic and hilarious proportions, The Sunday Slam.