Playing For Keeps announces Sidelindes Web Series

Playing For Keeps announces Sidelindes Web Series

This season of Playing For Keeps is already shaping up to be scorcher.

So you’ll be demanding even more time with Kath (Madeleine West), Paige (Cece Peters), Maddy (Annie Maynard), Tahlia (Olympia Valance) and Jessie (Isabella Giovinazzo) than we could possibly deliver on air. Enter Sidelines: a Playing For Keeps web series exclusive to 10 Play.

A woman’s car is her own personal haven. They make phone calls, sing along (albeit often off key) to the radio, we check in with ourselves and most importantly, there’s always a secret stash of snacks and an emergency change of clothes hidden somewhere between the boot and the backseat.

Each Sidelines webisode will allow viewers to spend time with each of our fabulous fictional ladies during those familiar and intimate car ride moments we all experience on a daily basis.

Volvo Car Australia, Marketing Director, Julie Hutchinson said: “Volvo are very excited to be involved in the new Sideline series, it offers a great opportunity to extend our integration into the broadcast series and provide fans with bonus content throughout the season. We were able to  tap into the characters natural chemistry, showcasing the cars and their key features in bite sized comedic chunks.”

Serving up even more comedy, salaciousness and insight into the sporting world’s rich and famous, Sidelines will be available at following Episode 3 of Playing For Keeps tonight at 8.40pm on 10