Brutal Revelations Leave The Bachelors At Breaking Point

Brutal Revelations Leave The Bachelors At Breaking Point

It was a big episode of The Bachelorette Australia with bombshells at every turn.

Tonight, Angie was a woman on a mission to see if the remaining Bachelors were father material. And what better way to find out, than a “daddy” themed obstacle course!

What was meant to be a friendly competition between prospective fathers, soon turned into the ultimate battle, as the Bachelors pulled out all stops to see who could complete a classic school run in the quickest time. But with a newborn baby strapped to their chests, getting the eldest child to school on time proved no easy task.

A cool, calm and collected Jackson completed the challenge with ease and emerged as the victor, winning himself some one-on-one time with Angie.

Despite being the youngest Bachelor in the mansion, Jackson spoke openly about wanting children, and in a sweet moment, he told her that he loved all her quirks, even the ones she was embarrassed of. Without further ado, a touched Angie gave him a rose and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

The following day, Osher delivered a single date card to the mansion, and with four men yet to go on a single date, tensions rose when Carlin was announced as the recipient. Let’s just say Jamie wasn’t impressed.

Curious to see if their initial spark was still there, Angie arranged a low-key date with Carlin, where they spent the day on water bikes and making cocktails, before settling down for a romantic beach picnic.

Things picked up where they had left off and it was obvious the pair’s initial connection had only grown stronger with time. Giving him a rose and a passionate kiss, Angie was certain that what they had was something special.

Later at the cocktail party, Angie made a beeline to Haydn for a chat. It was clear that their futures did not align. So with no hard feelings, she kissed him goodbye and sent him on his way.

Having promised Jamie the second chat of the night, she grabbed him for some one-on-one time. Without holding back, Jaime warned her that what he was about to reveal to her would hit her “like a ton of bricks”.  He went on to say that Matt, Ciarran and Carlin were not there for the right reasons, and that being “one of the more genuine guys” in the mansion, he felt it was his responsibility to tell Angie what went on behind closed doors.

He revealed that Carlin had spoken openly about wanting to be The Bachelor in 2020. This news shocked Angie as she thought his intentions for  her were genuine, so without a second thought, she confronted Carlin and questioned his motives.

Totally torn about who to believe, she found solace in Timm, someone she knew she could trust. Upon hearing Timm say that Jamie was shooting accusations out of spite, Angie immediately circled back to Carlin and apologised.

Tensions were at an all-time high and Timm caused further uproar when he spied incorrectly that Angie had taken Carlin’s rose back.  Fuming that Timm was just fueling a fire, Ciarran stormed out of the mansion, shouting that he was “done with it,” leaving Angie in shock.