Play The Idol or Go Home

Play The Idol or Go Home

If you were screaming at your screens telling Jordie to play his Idol tonight, you weren’t alone.

After Paige’s blindside by Shonee’s Idol play for George, the ex-Villains had taken control of the Heroes camp. While Shonee and George enjoyed their new position on the Hero tribe, their bestie Liz was in deep trouble at Villains. A strong and loyal group of ex-Heroes had control and Liz, Jordie and Simon were sitting ducks.

At the Reward Challenge, the Villains smashed the Heroes 3-0, winning a Breakfast reward. While the Villains were enjoying their winnings, Liz found herself an Immunity Idol.

Despite their strong position, Sam and Shaun offered Simon protection to Merge in exchange for his ‘Idol’. 

At the Immunity Challenge, Liz asked Shonee for her Immunity Idol and when the Villains lost the challenge, Shonee passed it to Jordie to keep him safe. Meanwhile, Shaun passed Flick the powerless ‘Cookie Idol’. (Who else is beyond excited to see someone play the ‘Cookie Idol’?)

Jordie and Liz strongarmed Hayley and Nina with their two Idols, pushing them to either flip on Shaun, David or Sam. A panicked Hayley and Nina agreed to vote for Sam. 

Everyone was on edge at Tribal Council. In a split vote between Sam and Jordie, the original Heroes rallied together, sending Jordie packing with Shonee’s Idol still in his pocket.


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