MAFS Commitment Ceremony Changes Things Up

MAFS Commitment Ceremony  Changes Things Up

It’s the morning of the second Commitment Ceremony and after a tumultuous dinner party, the couples will soon decide if they will stay or leave the experiment.

At last night’s Dinner Party, Harrison admitted to wife Bronte that he got another woman’s number on a night out with the boys, but to make matters worse, in order to cover his tracks, Harrison spread a rumour that Dan was one who took the number. As Sandy and Dan wake, the mood is tense, as the couple hash out what happened at last night’s Dinner Party. Sandy’s trust has been broken and she questions Dan’s true intentions.

Melissa and Josh remain at odds after a fight earlier in the week where Melissa criticised Josh for his lack of physical intimacy. For Caitlin and Shannon, the couple remain in separate apartments after a fight where Shannon criticised Caitlin’s appearance.

The Commitment Ceremony begins with Claire and Jesse who, after a rocky start to the experiment, have gone from strength to strength during Intimacy Week, resulting in the biggest turnaround of the experiment. Next on the couch is Bronte and Harrison who despite a tension-filled dinner party – and much to the surprise of the group – remain strong. Sandy and Dan are next to speak to the Experts and Sandy believes Dan is innocent – she’s not going to take the word of someone like Harrison, who she doesn’t trust, over her husband.

Things are still going strong for Tahnee and Ollie, Janelle and Adam and Melinda and Layton, as each of the couples continue to grow their relationships.

For Melissa and Josh tension soon boils over, as Josh reveals what Melissa has been saying behind closed doors. Melissa has been criticising Josh for his lack of physical intimacy and not being ‘manly’ enough. The Experts are shocked at Melissa’s behaviour and want to know why physical intimacy is so important to her. Melissa comes to the realisation that she seeks out big men because that’s what she’s grown up with her whole life, it makes her feel safe. Josh chooses to leave and in a turn of events, Melissa has chosen to stay. But the experts make an unprecedented decision as they see that Josh is broken, and they let him leave the experiment.

Alyssa and Duncan reveal to the group that they have finally had sex, and Lyndall and Cam resolve their issues from last night’s dinner party.

Last on the couch is Caitlin and Shannon. After a horrendous week, Caitlin reveals to the group all the horrible things Shannon has been saying to her. Expert John is disgusted by Shannon’s behaviour and holds him accountable for his actions. Caitlin chooses to leave the experiment – she deserves someone who will make her feel special and will treat her well.


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