Plate of Origin serves up a double elimination

Plate of Origin serves up a double elimination

Last night’s episode of Plate of Origin was a battle of two rounds. In round one, the five losing teams from previous head-to-head cooks faced off in a challenge – taking their heritage and combining it with an Australian classic – the good old Aussie pie.

Team Vietnam (Beef Pho Pie) and Team India (Samosa Pie) served up the best pies to ensure safety from elimination. After a stressful cook trying to thicken a traditional Pho broth into a pie gravy and running out of time to get it in the oven, Team Vietnam’s Thanh and Duncan left the judges agreeing their pie was unbeatable. Team India’s (husband and wife Ash and Simran) Samosa pie earnt them safety with Matt declaring it “a textbook example of how to put the flavours of your heritage into something that is quintessentially Australian.

Friends Kiki and Aly from Team Venezuela (Chicken Polvorosa Pie) were praised for their flavours but eliminated from the competition for a dry chicken filling and undercooked pastry.

Team France (Chicken & Champignon Pie) and Team Australia (Beer & Vegemite Pie) were sent to round two after Team Australia had so much trouble with their pastry, they forgot to season the entire filling and underdelivered on the promise of vegemite. While Team France’s pie was delicious, their sides of potatoes were inconsistent, and a bland salad wilted their chances of safety.

Round two saw Team Australia and Team France take on a tart challenge to fight for their spot in the competition. Team Australia’s (Cherry Ripe Tart) run of mistakes continued when their pastry shrunk and was overcooked. Although Team France (Lemon Tart) were forced to use their back up lemon curd after fears their burnt butter spoilt their first batch, Leo’s pastry was the hero of their tart, and combined with their smooth curd, secured a win leaving mates Ethan and Stew from Team Australia eliminated from the competition.

On their challenging cook, Manu said: “That is typical of the Aussie spirit, the mateship, the never give up the fight until the end.”

Ethan said: “We’ve had a good bloody laugh and we’ve met some incredible people and I’m going to be taking those with me after this competition because that’s what it’s all about – food bringing people together.”






Samosa Pie

Matt: “I love the pastry it’s brilliant. I love the spicing. Every mouthful has a different waft of flavour.”

Manu: “That’s a great pie.” 

Beef Pho Pie

Matt: “That is absolutely pho-nomenal!”

Gary: “It’s light, it’s fragrant, the beef is tender, its aromatic and I can’t find fault.”





Beer & Vegemite Pie 

Chicken & Champignon Pie

Chicken Polvorosa Pie

Matt: “This is beef and vegemite – it doesn’t taste salty.”

Manu: “It needs to be really salty and really peppery.”

Gary: “I love the texture of the meat.”   

Manu: “The pie is absolutely delicious. I’m sorry, but I find the salad a little boring.”

Gary: “The pie is rock and roll,

that is beautiful.”

Gary: “I like the filling. The problem you’ve got its cooked the top but not underside of pastry.”

Matt: “The chicken was very dry. I think you can do more, I think you can do better.”




Lemon Tart

Cherry Ripe Tart 

Gary: “It was very typically French. We asked you to distil that idea, that heritage and add a bit of yourself and bring it to the table and I think you did that.”

Manu: “The pastry itself absolutely delicious. Buttery, it had body, it was crunchy. The curd was smooth, silky, glistening.”

Matt: “Well-cooked pastry tart and the first mouthful gave us the flavour of cherry ripe. But after that it all fell apart. Your ganache was too thin”

Gary: “That cherry jelly had a couple of big lumps of undissolved gelatine in it.”