Plaster Problems cause Havoc on The Block

It’s four days until the guest bedroom and re do room are revealed. It’s also the Domain Listing challenge, where our Blockheads have to not only create a Domain listing, but welcome 100 potential buyers to The Block.

At House No.3 Ankur and Sharon are having major issues with the plastering in their living and dining room that isn’t their fault. The plasterers have made major mistakes and they need to fix it. Foreman Dan isn’t happy with the plasterers and is backing Ankur and Sharon.

Jenny from House No.4 is cleaning and welcoming deliveries from all around the City, and is frantic.

Rachel and new best friend Sarah-Jane go shopping and gossip on the way. Rachel has a gossip about her husband Ryan, he is getting on her nerves in a major way.

The biggest pool in Block history is winched onto Tom and Sarah-Jane’s property.

Omar and Oz are doing what they do best, schmoozing with their real estate team Ray White Real Estate.

Scott Cam visits Ankur and Sharon as he now controls their budget and has some positive feedback. They are doing well and saving money.

A huge mirror arrives for Ankur and Sharon’s living room. But it’s not enough to lift their spirits. Sharon is disappointed, because of the plastering issue they are so far behind and they might be the first couple in the history of The Block not to finish a redo room.


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