Memory Review

Memory Review

Last week, Prime Video released the newest Liam Neeson thriller in the form of Memory.

Memory sees Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson), a hired assassin, at a turning point. Living in El Paso, Texas, Alex is ready to conclude his long career of violence and secrecy, especially now that he has to come to grips with a faltering memory. But before he can hang up his gun, an old contact gives him a final assignment to kill a child, which is against his ethics of only killing bad guys.

This choice sees Alex not only on the run from his employer Davana Sealman (Monica Bellucci), but also an FBI task force, led by Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce), who was protecting the child.

The screenplay by Dario Scardapane chooses action over going too deep into the effects of Alzheimer’s, and while it works, I do wonder what could have been if there had been a little more emotional weight thrown in.

The calibre of the cast means there isn’t a bad performance, and both Neeson and Pearce shine in their roles.

It might be a remake, but the performances make Memory a solid Friday night popcorn flick.

3 Stars

Memory is now streaming on Prime Video.


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