Pilot Week: I Am… Roxy!

Pilot Week: I Am… Roxy!

In the next Pilot Week installment, tonight 10 hits us with the reality series I Am… Roxy! 

In I Am… Roxy!, we dived head first into the daily madness of PR guru, publicist, talent manager, reality star, author, socialite, business maestro, wife and mum-of-two, Roxy Jacenko. For those who may have slept through the headlines, Roxy was runner-up on the third series of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, owns Sweaty Betty PR, and is married to convicted former-investment banker Oliver Curtis.

Throughout the 30-minute pilot, we see Roxy’s new home undergoing renovations. Between reno moments, we see her hard at work and even struggling with guilt over not being present enough for her kids. There’s no denying Roxy’s success in the PR world and it’s a credit to her.

Personally, getting a sneak peek into her life was fine, but it lacked a purpose and it’s hard to see where this could go if it gets the series greenlight. But, credit to 10 where it’s due for giving this a shot – it’s sure to appeal to someone.

Throughout the episode, I couldn’t help but wonder if filming this while Oliver was in jail  and Roxy was undergoing breast cancer treatment would have been more interesting, for a series which was the original idea but Roxy held off

I Am…Roxy! didn’t appeal to me, but it could be a guilty pleasure if they were to find the right angle in a fully-fledged series.