Bachelor reveals his final 4 with a shock exit

Bachelor reveals his final 4 with a shock exit

With hometowns just around the corner, the bachelorettes pulled out all the stops to ensure Matt knew whose intensions were real, and those who were just giving lip service on tonight’s The Bachelor Australia.  

Sitting around the mansion chatting about the fallout from another cocktail party, the ladies were surprised by Osher, who stopped by to drop off a group date card. Realising hometowns would be top of Matt’s mind during this date, the ladies knew the importance of cementing their connection with him.

Arriving at the group date, the bachelorettes were met by Osher, Matt and Dr Nikki Goldstein, a sexologist and relationship expert. Discovering they were to explore how much chemistry they each had with Matt, Abbie thought she had this in the bag.

The first round saw each of the bachelorettes hug a blindfolded Matt for 40 seconds. With a monitor set up so the other ladies could watch, it wasn’t long before Abbie’s roaming hands had the others seeing green.

Admitting he had already formed strong connections with each of the women, it was ultimately Elly who came out on top, with their hug bringing them closer together.

Up next Matt and the bachelorettes had to stare silently into each other’s eyes four minutes. Watching on, the ladies realised that Matt had a connection with each of them, and that it was anyone’s guess who he would choose to spend alone time with.

Much to Abbie’s annoyance, Elly was chosen for one-on-one time, leaving the others reeling and wondering if Matt had already made up his mind about a leading lady.

Believing their connection was the strongest, Elly decided to lay her heart on the line and revealed to Matt just how special she felt their relationship was. Speechless, Matt admitted feelings were strengthening on his side as well.

Hearing this, concern for Matt got the better of Elly, leading her to tell him how she thought Abbie wasn’t being honest with her feelings for him. Shocked that Elly would repeat a conversation he thought they had already put to rest, Matt was left confused as to why she would mention it during such an intimate time between them.

Determined to get to the truth, Matt invited Abbie on another single date to give her the opportunity to explain herself.

Arriving in a moving van, the date saw the pair “moving in” together. Arriving at their “new home”, they set about unpacking boxes and playing with their interior design styles.

Excited it was a day in the life of a real relationship, Abbie was playful, especially when it came to dress the bedroom. Cue a lot of kissing and remarks of pent up sexual tension.

Coming up for air, Matt and Abbie moved to the couch for a chat. Admitting he had been told by numerous people that Abbie wasn’t there for the right reasons, Matt asked point blank if she was there to build a profile and social media presence, and not for him.

Upset that someone had essentially backstabbed her yet again, Abbie denied the allegations and was heartbroken as it was so far from the truth.

At the cocktail party, Elly admitted she was nervous facing Abbie after what she had told Matt, and braced herself for a battle.

Refusing to talk to Elly, Abbie told the other ladies that she was pretty sure she was going home after what was said on her single date with Matt.

Not wanting to hide from the confrontation, Elly approached Abbie for a chat where she admitted she had said some things to Matt about how she was unsure if Abbie was in the mansion for the right reasons. Shutting the conversation down, a disgusted Abbie refused to deal with Elly’s meddling.

Believing she had the strongest connection with Matt, Elly entered the rose ceremony full of confidence. Expecting Abbie to be the one to leave without a rose, but much to her surprise, it was Elly who left the mansion empty handed.

As Matt walked a tearful Elly to the waiting car, she admitted she didn’t understand why she was being sent home, but wished him all the best and hoped he found a love that lasted.