Pierce Leaves Erinsborough Behind

Pierce Leaves Erinsborough Behind

Tonight, Neighbours farewells one of its most polarising characters.

That is, of course, Pierce Greyson (Don Hany, formerly Tim Robards), who is headed to Sydney after calling off his marriage to Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) last week. Hendrix (Benjamin Turland) is naturally devastated about his family falling apart, having to leave No. 24 with his father’s impending departure. With no idea how he is going to cope on his own, is another departure on the cards, or will Hendrix be able to find a place to live and find closure with his father?

As with any Ramsay Street departure, there are goodbyes aplenty, with Pierce visiting Dipi (Sharon Johal) at Harold’s to say a final goodbye to his former fling. Meanwhile, Chloe has spent the day reflecting on the end of her marriage, and when she goes to say her final goodbyes to Pierce, he offers a last private warning to her about Nicolette (Charlote Chimes), but will it have any impact?

Writer Sarah Mayberry gets to close out a character who, at times, has been polarizing, with an emotional send-off.

It’s a shame that Tim Robards couldn’t get the character send-off he deserved, but it’s been great to have Don Hany step into the role this past month and bring these final storylines to life.

Love him or loathe him, you won’t want to miss this farewell.


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