Pets take over Celebrity Apprentice

We’re down to the final six celebs fighting it out for the title of Lord Sugar’s Celebrity Apprentice 2022.

For this week’s task each team will be setting up a pet photography studio and servicing members of the public and their favourite animal friends. The team that nabs the most sales will win $20K towards their project managers charity, but as always there’s a twist. If unsatisfied with their pet-portraits, the customers may request a refund.

This is not only a sales task, but a customer satisfaction task, so our celebs can’t afford to drop the ball at any point.

Over on Team Innovate, Benji quickly steps up to PM, not wanting to repeat the disfunction of the previous week’s task where Jean and Amy were at creative odds. His strategy is to tackle sales, while Jean and Amy work together to take the photos, offering lower price-based options for the public.

Meanwhile, Darren heads up Team Collaborate as project manager and takes the opposite approach, as Benji goes low, Darren is going high, offering deluxe packages going as high as $1000 a session.

While Darren proves the better salesman, Benji’s reasonable prices start reeling in the clients, and with a lower price, comes lower expectations resulting in less refunds. Darren’s high risk, high reward approach means costs his team the task.

As Darren, Bronte and Ronnie face Lord Sugar’s firing line, Ronnie is typically not going down without a fight, and targets Bronte, successfully convincing Lord Sugar and his advisors that she’s the weak chain in this link.

With that, we’re down to the final five. The gloves are off and our remaining players; Amy, Darren, Benji, Ronnie and Jean are ready to do whatever it takes to make it to the end.


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