Peter Rowsthorn Farewells The Jungle.

It was the elimination no saw coming last night.

Jackie’s exit from the jungle provoked a mix of sad and happy emotions. Simone Holtznagel and Vicky Pattison were upset to lose a good friend, while Peter and Danny Green were not so upset to see Jackie go. While shaving their legs by the sink, Simone and Vicky discussed the interactions between Jackie and Danny on days leading up to her departure.

Peter was the lucky camp mate selected for tonight’s trial, The Sweeper. Described as an obstacle course in the sky, Peter had to collect stars by walking and climbing across a balance beam, cargo net, slack line and plank, while being chased by the sweeper, rolling pillar determined to demolish everything in its way. To mix things up, before Peter could walk the plank he had to swap his boots for stilettos, making it that much harder to balance.

The celebrities walked into camp to find a set of scales waiting for them. After each person was weighed, the celebrities had to rank themselves from who they thought had lost the least amount of weight to who they thought had lost the most. Vicky had lost the least, followed by Simone, Fiona O’Loughlin, Danny, Shannon Noll and Peter, who had lost an astonishing 12 kilograms.

Later in the show, hosts Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that Peter was the eighth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Peter and Fiona grew extremely close in camp and bonded over their similar sense of humour. To pass the time in camp, they created alter egos Ron and Brenda, a married couple who enjoyed poking fun at the other celebrities, as well as themselves. Their relationship peaked when they renewed their vows in camp, with the whole camp coming together for a jungle wedding.

Voted by the Australian public as the new camp leader, Peter enjoyed organising the chore board and mediating arguments for a short amount of time, before officially resigning as leader, leaving the camp to run itself. He grew close to Danny, Josh Gibson and Shannon, and was always making people laugh in camp.