Paul and Keanu Come Aboard The Real Love Boat

Tonight on The Real Love Boat, our singles docked in the stunning port of Mykonos, Greece.

Over breakfast, Cupids Doody and Hannah surprised the group with two new suitors – Paul from Perth, and Keanu from Newcastle. These two singles are the last to join The Real Love Boat.

The new boys were able to each pick a girl to take on a cocktail date, where Paul chose Courtney and Keanu picked Chelsea. The laughter flowed for Keanu and Chelsea, but he was quick to point out that he was also attracted to Moana and wasn’t afraid to make waves, regardless of her strong connection with Harley. Paul taught Courtney the language of love, and sparks flew as they shared a bisou. This Frenchman may have just stolen Courtney’s heart.

Meanwhile by the pool, Jack and Katie spent some quality time together where he revealed if it were up to him, he’d be pitching for a date with her at the Captain’s Table.

It was then time for the girls to pitch for the final round of Destination Dates at the Captain’s Table.

Katie broke down at the table, divulging how hard it had been to be picked last throughout her time onboard. Mustering her strength, she pitched for a date with Jack, hoping that at last she might find love on the ship.

Following the Captain’s Table, Host Darren McMullen joined our singles in the Love Lounge to award the Destination Dates. Chelsea and Paddy were given a beach club date, Courtney and Paul would be spending time on a yoga retreat, and Katie and Jack will visit a roof-top bar.


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