Heartbreak looms on Love Island

Heartbreak looms on Love Island

First week and already there is some major heartache for Islanders Jordan and Layla.

Jordan has had all his eggs in Claudia’s basket, but she has feelings for Austen and she finally tells Jordan. While he isn’t surprised, he still feels disrespected as Claudia has been ignoring him the past couple of days.

After the awkward confrontation with Jordan, Claudia gets a text and leaves the villa to go on a date with Callum. The date goes well, but there are no sparks.

Callum and Tak go on a date with Jessica and both really like her and would like to get to know her more, much to Conor’s jealousy. After the dates he admits he has to open up more to Jessica and show his vulnerable side, which she appreciates.

The Islanders play the Tease Tower game, which gets everyone talking.

Austen pulls Claudia for a chat, he tells her he wants to get to know her and spend time with her.

Austen then pulls Layla for a chat, and tells her in no uncertain terms that she is a beautiful girl, but there is no romantic connection for him and he wants to pursue Claudia.

Callum and Jessica have a pash in the teepee, and Conor sees what is going on outside from the upstairs bathroom.

The next day things have moved on already, with Layla forgetting about Austen and having a great chat with Callum. He admits there could be something there.

Meanwhile Stella is spending a lot of time with Andre, but another boy has got her attention, Jordan and his mullet. Stella admits if there was a recoupling tonight she wouldn’t know who to choose.

On that note, Layla gets a text that there will be dumping on Monday.


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