Pasta dish farewells a MasterChef

Pasta dish farewells a MasterChef

As suburban week continued, the losing team from yesterday’s Thai challenge were tonight taken to a secret location and introduced to Helly Raichura from Enter Via Laundry, an exclusive Melbourne dining experience.

For Reece, Amina, Ben U, Simon, Laura, Emelia, Rose, Poh and Tessa, a two round challenge saw them focusing on ethnic Indian cuisine utilising Australian produce and native ingredients.

Unfortunately for Rose, she and her infectious smile were sent home on the back of thin pasta and an unbalanced sauce.

Round one was a taste test and the bottom three contestants would go into the second round – a traditional pressure test.

Helly revealed her dish for round one – Pasta Not Pasta. With 20 ingredients, the contestants only had five minutes to taste, touch, smell and identify as many ingredients as they could.

Poh, Rose and Ben U found themselves in the bottom three and faced round two’s cook for their place in the competition. They had to replicate the dish they tasted in round one. Consisting of silky ribbons of chickpea flour pasta, a delicate, well-balanced coconut sauce, a bush tomato oil and a basil oil, they had just 60 minutes to replicate the dish, and a further three minutes to plate up for the judges.

Poh was in a positive mindset and was determined to have a happy and successful cook.  And that’s exactly what she did. Following Helly’s instructions to a tee, the judges loved Poh’s dish with Helly saying she would happily serve the dish in her own kitchen

Ben started multi-tasking and working too quickly, missing steps and one key ingredient in his pasta – turmeric. Soon rectified, he went on to ignore a key instruction from Helly with his pasta mixture – stir it on the stove for 20 minutes and don’t step away. Returning to his pot after attending to his oils, his mixture had turned lumpy and he tried to whisk it to smooth out the lumps. Deciding to put that batch aside, and with only 21 minutes to go, Ben started his pasta again.

For Rose, slow out of the gates she followed the steps but when it came to spreading her mixture, she went over it a few too many times with the palette knife causing it to thin out on the bench.

With time running out, Ben decided to return to his first batch of pasta and pass it through a sieve, he spread it out on the bench and it looked good.

When it came time to plate and present to the judges, Ben seemed defeated and was sure he was going home. But the judges were surprised when his pasta ended up silky with the right thickness and his coconut sauce well balanced.

For lovely Rose, her pasta was too thin and lacked the finesse when the judges found large chunks of chilli in the coconut sauce.  They could tell she had finished in a hurry.

With Ben’s dish almost perfect, it was Rose who was sent home.  But it wasn’t all bad news for Rose, with Jock telling her he would be passing on Gordon Ramsay’s number for that job offer in Adelaide.