Have You Been Paying Attention? May 11

Have You Been Paying Attention? May 11

Last week proved that distance does not make the heart grow fonder as Have You Been Paying Attention? Quizmaster Tom Gleisner navigated his way around all the fresh stingers from our unruly quintet, while he searched long and hard for a correct answer on the news headlines of the past seven days.

Dancing With The Stars winner and stand up comic Celia Pacquola will bravely dial in to receive everyone’s thoughts on her latest foray into the world of reality television.


Will Ed and Celia spill the tea on what happened away from the shiny dance floor? We can safely assume nothing is sacred and showbiz goss will be divulged.


Joining Celia is Welsh comic Lloyd Langford, New Zealand comic Melanie Bracewell and HYBPA? regulars Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee.


Sanitised hands on buzzers, it’s time to see if our five contestants have been paying attention.

 8:30pm Monday on 10