Party Tricks goes beyond the screen

Party Tricks goes beyond the screen

Just like Secrets and Lies earlier this year Party Tricks will get viewers engaged through a multi platform campaign.

The six-part series, which launches on Ten on Monday, October 6, at 8.30pm, is supported by  an interactive online experience that gives people the chance to exchange live messages with  the political candidates and follow their ferocious election campaigns online.

Party Tricks is a cat-and-mouse political game that sees Victorian State Premier Kate Ballard  (Asher Keddie) and popular media personality David McLeod (Rodger Corser) battle it out on the cut-throat campaign trail, all while hiding an old, secret affair from the world.

The multi-platform content has been especially crafted by the show’s creator, co-producer and writer, Michael Lucas.

Viewers can interact with the two compelling party rivals on Twitter as the adversaries trade  blows and air their party messages. via accounts @KateBallardMP and @DavidMcLeod.  Exclusive videos will be posted by the pair as the campaign heats up.

In partnership with Twitter, there will be live questions and answers with each of the  candidates as the election draws closer.

Further digital interactive experiences have been created by Network Ten and producers  Endemol, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the show’s political world. Kate’s and David’s personal campaign websites, and DavidMcLeod.TV will feature exclusive insights on their characters’ political operations, growing as their  campaigns progress. Hosted on Network Ten’s digital platform tenplay, the personal websites  will also show exclusive campaign commercials, candid interviews with key campaign staff, newspaper articles from the campaign trail and leaked videos of both candidates in  compromising positions.Network Ten’s Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Party Tricks will be a complete, 360-degree experience with added bonuses brought to life via second screen on tenplay. Viewers and fans of Australian drama will be in for a treat. For those who wish to immerse themselves in politics,  possibly for the first time ever, it should be a lot of fun.”

Michael Lucas said: “This is only the first stage. Just like a real political campaign, expect plenty  more content to roll out across Twitter, Facebook and tenplay as Party Tricks plays out. If you  do send a tweet to Kate Ballard or David McLeod, you might just get a response. “Asher and Rodger give terrific performances and we’re genuinely interested to see which  campaign will resonate the most with the public.”


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