Neighbours Party ends in a Powerful Tragedy (Spoiler Warning)

Neighbours Party ends in a Powerful Tragedy (Spoiler Warning)

Neighbours tackles a very tough storyline this week that is so well done it actually left me speechless.

It’s been teased for weeks that one night will change everything and this time it isn’t over hyped promotion.  Tonight’s episode sees Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Georgia (Saskia Hampele) Great Gatsby themed hens and buck’s party take place.  Throughout the episode many storylines reach a tipping point.

From Amber  (Jenna Rosenow ) and Daniel’s (Tim Phillipps  engagement to being made public and secrets from Nate’ s (Meyne Wyatt)  past coming to light it promises to already have people talking . But nothing is more shocking then when a long-time favourite character is hit out of nowhere and left for dead.

The fallout from the night promises to be explosive when the attacker is revealed and it gives the cast involved a chance to shine in a powerful storyline that is not to be missed.

Neighbours airs 6:30 weeknights on Eleven.


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