Partners vie to impress their potential in-laws 

Partners vie to impress their potential in-laws 

The final week on the farms kicked off with more surprises in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

An exciting letter by host Natalie Gruzlewski spiced things up as she offered the partners a chance to secure a dream date with their farmers. The catch? The ideas would be submitted anonymously, with each farmer blindly selecting their favourite.

When Farmer Ben chose 32-year-old hospital administrator Leish’s idea of paint throwing followed by a sunset wagyu, she confessed: “Ben’s probably gonna have a lot of back and forth in his head between myself and Kiani. What I’m hoping for is to have a really good time and build our connection and deepen the feelings.”

34-year-old builder Ayden was riding high after Farmer Paige decided on a “damper-pamper” date with him, and 25-year-old legal assistant Madi was over the moon when Farmer Will chose to build a veggie garden with her.

After Farmer Benjamin selected Hannah’s idea of a picnic at Ducket’s Hill, 32-year-old Erin was devastated. The teary-eyed flower farmer said: “I’m definitely feeling like I should just give up now because it’s just been so long between time with him. It’s definitely terrifying.”

Following a romantic dip in the dam, Harry hoped to dive deeper into his relationship with 22-year-old psychology student Tess: “Looking at our future together, our location, we’re quite on other sides of the country. She’s pretty committed to her studies right now, and that kinda worries me a little bit.”

While some connections with the Sam’s choice partners were going from strength to strength, Benjamin was struggling to work out his feelings for 33-year-old people and culture advisor Madelene, telling her: “It’s probably best if we part ways.”

With time slipping through their fingers, the farmers hoped that introducing their partners and families would help in choosing the one. But Natalie threw another curveball, asking the families to decide who the farmers should invite to their last romantic overnight date.

After spending an evening getting to know his ladies, Harry’s family decided on latecomer Bronte, observing the “potential for a really beautiful relationship to maybe blossom” and wanting to give her the “opportunity to see what could happen”.

Benjamin’s sister Kate chose Erin as she would be a “good fit into the family”. After sensing Will’s connection with Jess, his family wanted to see if it was “real or not”, and selected her to help the couple find clarity.

Paige’s mum and sister thought “spending a little bit of one-on-one time” with Cody would allow both to get to know each other better.

When Ben’s parents chose Leish, they put up a challenge for her “to convince Ben a long-distance relationship is going to work”.

Partners chosen by families for overnight dates:

Farmer Ben: Leish

Farmer Benjamin: Erin

Farmer Harry: Bronte

Farmer Paige: Cody

Farmer Will: Jess


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