Living and Dining Room Reveal leads to a disqualification

Living and Dining Room Reveal  leads to a disqualification

IT’S 24 hours until the living and dining rooms are revealed and there is so much going on across The Block. 

Keith and Dan tell Jenny and Dylan they don’t get the whole set up of the room and she bites back, she believes everything will come together.

Keith is really impressed with Rachel and Ryan in House No.2 and thinks they have a good chance to win. 

It’s drama between Sharon and Ankur and their builders Liam and chippie Scotty. Scotty doesn’t think they will finish their floor to ceiling stone wall but Sharon is adamant she wants it done.  She is in tears. Keith and Dan get involved and they are on the side of Sharon and Ankur. Dan is furious at the builders and believe they are full of excuses and are letting their client – Sharon and Ankur – down.  In the end the wall gets done.

Keith makes a mistake that affects both Ankur and Sharon and Tom and Sarah-Jane. He was supposed to tell them they had to get their scaffolding down by 6pm on Saturday night with registered trades, but time has run out. He does them a favour and stays the night on The Block to make sure it happens for both houses.

Omar and Oz’s baby grand piano gets delivered, they only paid $7,500 for it. 

After a huge week our contestants finish and everyone is exhausted. They have all delivered some massive spaces on The Block. 

It’s judging time at Scotty’s HQ.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $61,668:  WOW is what Neale said when he walked in. The fireplace is amazing. Shaynna loved it.  The timber beams were phenomenal. The judges didn’t like the small living room furniture and the TV layout was clunky. Shaynna said it didn’t pull at the heart strings. 

Score 25.5/30

Rachel and Ryan spent $31,182: The judges all LOVED the space. The room had a beautiful feel to it.  Everything worked so well together, including the kitchen which that bagged last week which now makes sense. Neale was blown away with what Rachel and Ryan delivered.

Score 29.5 /30

Ankur and Sharon spent $60,400:  The judges appreciated the ceiling and just how big the room was. But that’s where the positive feedback ended. They thought nothing came together, in particular the couch area and the dining table. It didn’t feel like a home, but a hotel foyer Shaynna thinks this should be their re-do room. 

Score 19/30

Dylan and Jenny spent $36,294: This was not a sophisticated version of country style, more period features according to Shaynna,. There was too much going on. Nothing really connected. No wow factor.

Score 22/30

Omar and Oz spent $55,810:  Incredible effort from the boys. Sophisticated, elegant and a sense of grandeur. The judges loved the baby grand piano, but Shaynna wondered, how can they afford it? Scotty then pulled them up, the boys paid $7500 for a piano that is worth $36,000. Block rules stipulate that you can’t get more than a $50,000 discount.  He disqualifies the boys and strips them of three points. The other contestants agree with the punishment. The boys are not happy.

Score 28.5/30 -3 =25.5/30  

The winners are – with two tens – Rachel and Ryan. They are delighted with $20,000. Next week is $25,000 for Hell Week, all the connecting spaces to connect the house. 

On the way home Tom says he is going to call a financial audit, obviously aimed at Omar and Oz. Drama on The Block.


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