Outback Wrangler Season 3 to premiere on Wednesday

National Geographic will air the new season of Outback Wrangler from this week.

In the dramatic scenery of Australia’s NT the saltwater crocodile population has been protected for over 40 years. The crocodiles have had time to grow. But the bigger they come, the greater the need to protect these magnificent predators from human encounters. Helicopter pilot turned animal rescuer, Matt Wright, returns to National Geographic with Season 3 of Outback Wrangler, in which every episode sees Matt Wright and his mates Jono and Willow catch at least one 15 foot or more monster croc. It’s dangerous work given crocs have the highest recorded bite force of any animal on earth.

Ep1: Croc Attack at Finniss River
During the dry season big crocs have become stranded in the dams that scatter the lush paddocks. With the rains approaching, the cattle will return so Matt and the boys need to make sure the dams are free from crocs. But the crocs aren’t going without a fight; a 15ft+ croc unexpectedly bites the back of the boat, nearly capsizing them and rattling Willow enough to see him refuse to get off dry land.

Outback Wrangler Season 3 consists of eight episodes and premieres 8:30pm (AEDT) Wednesday on National Geographic