9 Honey launches new Food Podcast

Some of Australia’s hottest food talent, including top chefs, critics and tastemakers, will give you candid access to their culinary secrets, tips and advice in 9Honey Kitchen’s new foodie podcast What The F@*# is for Dinner? which is available now through iTunes.

Every week the presenter, 9Honey Kitchen editor Jane de Graaff, will catch up with distinguished foodies for guidance, asking the question that sends many into a meltdown come evening meal time: “What the f@*# is for dinner?”

“Please excuse the expletive, but don’t tell me that’s not what you’re thinking as you stare into the seven hells of last-minute family meal prep,” de Graaff said.

“In my job as food editor I get to speak to fascinating chefs and visit some pretty amazing kitchens. So I thought I’d talk to the best people in the biz about the easy and quick recipe I’m planning to cook for dinner tonight and how to improve it, without making the dish any harder. I’ve already had some cracking tips.”

Recently de Graaff caught up with Family Food Fight dessert queen Anna Polyviou who shared her knowledge of Greek haloumi and lamb. Also, international celebrity chef Curtis Stoneopened up about Christmas food, summer favourites and easy pasta.

Fun, honest and engaging, each podcast is around 10 minutes and easily consumed on the go. Recorded on location inside some of the greatest kitchens in Australia and at some of the country’s best food destinations, you’ll be inspired by 9Honey Kitchen’s exclusive access to the food experts.

Along with the easy recipe shared in each podcast, de Graaff will also offer a special cooking tip for the day to get you confident to prepare a healthy, wholesome and tasty meal for the whole family to enjoy.

She said: “Food doesn’t just happen on the plates of fancy restaurants. It’s in our lives, kitchens and lunch boxes every day, so there should never be an excuse not to eat something delicious. What will you be having for dinner tonight?”

To listen to What the F@*# is for Dinner? go to www.nine.com.au/podcasts or the iTunes   Store.