Outback Wrangler Returns to Foxtel

Outback Wrangler Returns to Foxtel

A new season of Outback Wrangler  With Matt Wright kicks off next month.

Australia’s far north is a place where danger and beauty collide. It’s also where Matt Wright, a helicopter pilot turned animal wrangler, goes to work.

Raised in the Aussie bush, Matt has made it his mission to keep the animals, locals and environment out of danger, by relocating wildlife in the Northern Territory. Matt uses his trusty helicopter to transport and catch animals, making manoeuvres worthy of any Hollywood stuntman.

Over eight brand-new episodes, Matt is joined by his long time mates John ‘Jono’ Brown, Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson and his canine companion Naish.  Together they relocate dozens of crocs, including the biggest Matt has ever caught. With big machinery, airboats, helicopters and a new croc-catching tool, the harpoon, the action never stops in this breath-taking rumble in the jungle.

Episodes include: 

Episode 1: Big Croc

Matt gets a call from some fishermen who report a large croc is menacing them down on the river.  Matt gives Willow and Johno a call and they set a trap.  But nobody guessed how big this croc is and a battle ensues between the Outback’s legendary croc catcher and one very big crocodile.

Episode 2: Finniss River Station

Matt’s helping clear out problem crocodiles from his mate Paul’s station so he can get on with his cattle work, when Paul’s three dogs go into the dam – and only two come back out. There seem to be crocodiles everywhere Matt turns, in the cattle’s watering holes, on the flooded fence lines, even at a nearby tourist spot.  He’s got his work cut out for him.

Episode 3: 48 Hours In The Swamp (Part 1)

Matt and the boys have been asked to control the crocodile population in a water system alongside a large cattle station.  They need to remove one large crocodile and a handful of smaller crocs to reduce the damage they are causing to the cattle.  But the monsoon is on the horizon and they’ll have to finish a week’s worth of work in only 48 hours.

Episode 4: 48 Hours In The Swamp (Part 2)

The giant crocodile Matt has been hunting for has smashed up his traps again.  This is a powerful animal and a master of camouflage.  Matt and the boys head into the swamp to flush him out – but this massive crocodile will push Matt to his croc catching limits.

 Outback Wrangler airs Tuesdays at 8.30pm from 17 November on National Geographic Channel