Foxtel sets Bart Cummings Documentary

Foxtel sets Bart Cummings Documentary

This looks like one of the most interesting documentaries of the year.

When legendary racing icon Bart Cummings passed away on August 30 2015, Australian sport mourned the loss of one of its greatest champions. 

The “Cups King” – so named because he trained the winner of the Melbourne Cup a record 12 times, will long be remembered as one of racing’s true icons, and the finest ‘horse whisperer’ our nation has ever seen.

Bart Cummings All the King’s Horses premieres on the eve of the 2015 Melbourne Cup and is a one hour documentary that takes a look at the illustrious career of racing legend Bart Cummings which spanned over 50 years and saw him survive the recession and financial crash of 1989 and follows his incredible journey to be the most sought after horse trainer in Australia.

Cummings won derbies, Golden Slippers, sprints, middle distance races and the greatest endurance handicaps with both cheap and expensive horses, with stallions, geldings and mares. 

Race caller Greg Miles once described the way Bart chose a horse as “…like an artist with a piece of wood, being able to carve it away and all of a sudden inside is a beautiful figurine”

Bart Cummings All the King’s Horses is produced by Graham McNeice, narrated by legendary race caller John Tapp, and is exclusive to Foxtel’s History channel and airs Monday, November 2 at 7.30pm