Only the Originals remain on The Bachelor

Only the Originals remain on The Bachelor

The Bachelor last night  said farewell  the last date crasher but that’s not the only thing that occurred.

The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey farewelled Sydney based beauty, Lauren, 27, during last nights rose ceremony. As the only New Love Interest remaining in the competition, Lauren found it difficult to compete with the established connections Blake had made with the other girls in the house.

Prior to the rose ceremony, Lauren anxiously said: “I’m definitely not confident… I think at this point you kind of do have to move a little bit faster. I am a slow burn and like to take things step by step which might be a bit of a disadvantage at this point.”

Lauren’s reserved nature was in contrast to the confident approach many of the girls are now using to woo Blake and win his heart. During tonight’s group date Jessica once again came under fire from her fellow Bachelorettes for dominating Blake’s time.

Sam observed: “At every single point of the evening Jess was in a 30 centimetre radius of Blake the whole time. She can’t get away from him and it’s annoying. You can’t even talk to him.”

Upset with Blake’s acceptance of Jessica’s approach, Chantal confronted Blake at the cocktail party.

Chantal said: “The general feeling is that your decision is essentially in concrete, because after yesterday’s group date, the girls felt as though, yet again, they were on a single date between yourself and Jess.”

“It is later on in the journey and people have feelings and emotions and of course they have invested some of those into you… ultimately we do know that at the end, you are going to make a decision and there is no time limit on true love. You might already know who that is.”

The Bachelor Australia. airs Wednesday and Thursdays at 7.30pm. On TEN.


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