Offspring September 14

Offspring September 14

Fans are in for a treat this week with the final episode of Offspring.

All your questions will be answered in an emotional rollercoaster of an episode.

In the episode Nina (Asher Keddie) is forced to think hard about her life when her relationship with Harry (Alexander England) progresses. Can you only have one love of your life? Will Nina choose her past or her future? as she is dealt a truly  heart-breaking moment

After a tough year, Jimmy (Richard Davies) and Zara (Jane Harber) discuss saving their marriage. With Jimmy willing to forgive and forget, Zara is forced to decide if their life together is worth saving.

Geraldine (Linda Cropper) decides it is time for closure and brings the family together to scatter Darcy’s ashes. Will she see through with her promise to sing Wild Thing?

 Offspring airs 8:30 pm Wednesday on Ten.