Farewell to Winners and Losers

After five seasons and 109 episodes, it’s a bittersweet farewell to Winners and Losers next week. 

Premiering on March 22 2011, Australia was introduced to Jenny (Melissa Bergland), Sophie (Melanie Vallejo), Frances (Virginia Gay) and Bec (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith), who were all invited to their 10-year high school reunion.

Over the course of the pilot, appropriately titled “Covert Aggression in Netball”, each of the girls was revealed to have their own personality and struggles. Jenny was stuck in a job she didn’t want and at home with her family, the loveable Gross family- Mum Trish (Denise Scott), Dad Brian (Frances Greenslade) and brother Patrick (Jack Pearson). Frances is a smart and savvy business lawyer. Sophie was the fit and confident personal trainer, hiding a lot of pain which would be explored throughout the series first season along with her friend Doug (Tom Wren). Bec was your typical girl next door engaged to Matt (Blair McDonough). The ‘losers’ as they were called in high school reunited at their 10-year high school reunion, where Jenny faced up to their bully Tiffany Turner (Michala Banas) and the four ended up winning the lotto.

Over the course of the next five years, Jenny and the girls would go through lots  the death of Matt to the loss of best friends Doug and Bec, drug addiction, a wedding for Frances and Jenny and so much more. Their journey reminds us that friendship is one of the most important things in life.

When the show premiered, I was a 19-year-old TAFE student who wasn’t impressed or happy with their TAFE course. As I sit and type this, I’m 25 and have achieved my dream through a lot of pushing from my best friend. So as the final ep is about to go to air, I’d like to offer a personal thank you to Emma Gordon, Dan Bennett and everyone involved in the show for playing a part in the journey that life has been. It has been a pleasure spending 107 hours in the world you created. I’ll be tweeting and seeing how the journey concludes on Monday along with the rest of Australia.

The Winners and Losers series finale airs on the special night 8:45 pm Monday on Seven.