Offspring Season Seven to start in June

The Proudmans are returning to our screens very soon it has been announced.

Offspring follows the lovably chaotic members of the Proudman family and stars TV Week Gold Logie winner Asher Keddie as obstetrician Nina Proudman and AACTA Award winner Kat Stewart as her sister Billie.

In what promises to be another surprising, heart-warming and uplifting season, the Proudmans delve into new and uncharted territory, with all of the chaos, fun and romance that audiences have come to love.

While Nina is tentatively embarking on a serious relationship with Harry (Alexander England), she also attempts to manage her escalating responsibilities at work, filling in as Acting Head of Obstetrics while Martin and Cherie are away working in a remote rural area. When an old mentor re-ignites Nina’s passion for research, Nina will be forced to ask whether it is possible to pursue her career ambitions while raising her daughter. Can she really have it all?

When Proudman matriarch Geraldine calls the family together for a very special “Geraldine Day”, her announcement at dinner will leave everyone speechless. But there is a new family that will give the Proudmans a run for their money when audiences are introduced to Harry’s boisterous loved ones, the Crewe family.

Offspring Season Seven. Premieres Wednesday, 28 June At 8.30pm. Only On Ten