House Rules hits final stages as top 4 teams are revealed

Last night House Rules served up a bittersweet elimination.

The second round of the compertition saw teams return to their own houses and fix up one zone in 24 hours.

Sean and Ella (renovated Fiona and Nicole’s zone):

·       Lounge: Wendy and Drew agreed the coffee table was a huge improvement and it was a successful statement piece (which LLB jokingly labelled as a “termite hotel”).

·       Hallway: Wendy: “I don’t like it…I don’t like the pink on the ceiling. It looks really juvenile.” LLB agreed it was the wrong pink. Wendy thought the rafters felt “unauthentic.”

Score 21/30

Aaron and Daniella (renovated Troy and Bec’s zone):

·       Entry Hallway: LLB: “Who’s crazy idea was it to paint it gold?” Drew loved they took on his advice and thought it was a “vast improvement.”

·       Master suite: The judges loved that they removed the wall, it made the room seem much bigger, however the wooden screen door added no privacy and didn’t match the design of the bedroom. 

·       Jaxon’s bedroom: All three judges liked the room. LLB said the bed looked like a “confessional” and a “black coffin,” but “I genuinely love it.”


Kate and Harry (renovated Fiona and Nicole’s zone):

·       Laundry: The tiles were a success but according to Drew, the statement piece (timber shelf) was “the worst statement piece I have seen so far in the whole competition…the shelf is ridiculous and virtually useless.”

·       Loungeroom: The room looked much better without the wall in the middle, however it didn’t match the space surrounding. Wendy: “It’s such a big space it almost feels cavernous…I think they might have removed some of the soul.”LLB: “The room has been improved but the space has not.”


Fiona and Nicole (renovated Troy and Bec’s zone):

·       Hallway: LLB thought the paint job was “awful,” and said the “statement piece is supposed to be the shop window for this team’s talent. If this is their talent, it should be burned…it looks like a bridal chapel in Vegas.” Wendy thought it looked better than what was there before.

·       Keenan’s room: The judges thought nothing has changed about the room. LLB: “Sorry, is this 24 hr fix up or is this 2 hour fix up?” Wendy: “They actually haven’t improved it. I think, did you not listen to anything we said?”

·       Laundry: All judges agreed that it was a definite improvement, LLB absolutely loved the red splash-back. LLB:“I’m happy with that, it’s just everything else I just question, why bother?”

Score 17 /30

Andrew and Jono (renovated Fiona and Nicole’s zone):

·       Entry: Wendy loved the room divider and thought it fit perfectly with the 70’s vibe. LLB agreed that the entry worked well with the rest of the space.

·       Hallway: The judges were thrilled they had painted the hallway white with one patterned feature wall which LLB called “brilliant.”

·       Speakeasy: The judges were amazed. Wendy thought all the choices were so much better, the chesterfield was a great idea and all the judges think the book wall/secret door works. Wendy: “I cannot believe the chasm between these boys and the other teams.” Drew thought they were “so far ahead” of the other teams.

Score 28/30

·       Fiona and Nicole were eliminated, Fiona said: “I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and I cannot thank Nic enough for being on this journey with me.”