Offspring Moving in App Available and official information about season 4

Offspring Moving in App Available and official information about season 4

Network Ten today announced the launch of Offspring: Moving In, an innovative, free app for the
award-winning Australian drama series Offspring.

The Offspring: Moving In app rewards Offspring’s fans and viewers with exclusive scenes and insights into a new character who will be joining Offspring in the upcoming season. The app’s content will not be made available across any other digital platform.

Offspring: Moving In, powered by Intel, is free to download and available through the Apple iTunes
app store and Google Play from today, April 4. It is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Network Ten’s Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne, said: “Offspring fans have received exclusive
content ahead of on-air broadcast throughout the entire series. This year, we are delighted to
reward fans with something innovative ahead of the launch of Series Four.

“Offspring’s social extensions are hugely popular, with audiences increasingly engaged from series
to series. The addition of Offspring: Moving In should deepen the level of engagement with TEN’s
hit Australian drama,” she said.

Offspring: Moving In is the first app of its kind for an Australian television drama. Each week, users
will discover more about the newcomer, why they are moving to Fitzroy and how they will impact
the characters we know and love. Fans can unlock secret messages, pictures, diary entries and
conversations that will enable them to piece together clues about the new character.
Network Ten and partner Intel worked with OMD Fuse on the development and implementation of
the Offspring: Moving In app, the format of which is licensed from The Project Fac

 and here is the official season 4 synopsis 

Offspring, Network Ten’s exuberant drama set in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, centers on the adventures of
Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) and the Proudman family as they search for love, fulfillment and
balance in the chaos of modern life.
As Series Four of Offspring begins, Nina is 12 weeks pregnant to partner, anaesthetist Patrick Reid
(Matthew Le Nevez).

Having recovered from the initial shock of her surprise pregnancy, Nina embarks on a mission to
bring order to all areas of her life before the baby arrives. But her desire for a perfect pregnancy
and home life are quickly disrupted by complications at work and the bedlam created by the ever expanding
Proudman family.

source TEN


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