Josh and Andi Depart MKR UPDATED

Josh and Andi Depart MKR UPDATED

A surprise pregnancy brings Josh and Andi’s time on My Kitchen Rules to a happy end.

Just one point separated the teams in last night’s sudden death cook-off, but in the end the scores would not have made a difference to the departure for WA couple Josh and Andi.
After finding out they were expecting their first child together while filming, the young couple had made the decision to leave the competition despite the result of their duel with NSW’s Ashlee and Sophia.

Says Josh: “We really wanted to win today, but we made a decision that win or lose we were leaving the competition. We’ve got a baby on the way – it’s a big exciting time for us. It’s the end of one journey that was great, but the beginning of something else that’s going to be even better.”
Scoring 38 out of 60, they drew on Andi’s Burmese heritage in presenting their three-course menu of tamarind fish with Asian salad;

Burmese dry beef curry with eggplant pickle; and coconut parfait with mango and lime syrup.
The entrée had the teams level-pegging, with guest judge Colin Fassnidge saying their fish was cooked perfectly. While Ashlee and Sophia’s crispy skin duck with banana blossom salad was “beautifully pink” according to Karen Martini, it was missing the crispy skin.

With Ashlee and Sophia infighting after their entrée was served, Josh and Andi powered along. But when their curry failed to reduce quick enough, Andi tipped the sauce down the sink.

Luckily Guy Grossi said: “The piece of meat is lovely and cooked through. Though it might be traditional, I’d still enjoy a bit more moisture in this dish.”

The girls polarised the table with their main course of pan fried bream with green mango and rice. While Pete Evans loved the sourness of the green mango, Liz Egan struggled with the chilli garlic sauce served with the fish.

“As soon as you put some of that chilli garlic sauce on it takes away from the beautiful gentle flavours of the fish. And bam your taste buds are gone,” she said.

After taking their parfait out of the freezer 15 minutes before the end of the clock, Josh and Andi’s dessert had unfortunately started to melt by the time it was served.

“It has a lot going for it in its ideas, but unfortunately it just hasn’t come off because it’s not a parfait,” said Guy.
Added Manu Feildel: “Parfait means perfect in French and that’s far from being perfect.”

Meanwhile Manu described the girls dessert of coconut blancmange with jackfruit coulis as “soft as a cloud”. But Liz thought the jackfruit coulis was “ridiculously sweet”.

Despite their loss, Andi was happy to be leaving the kitchen saying, “Our experience has been an absolute dream.”

My Kitchen Rules airs this Sunday, April 7 at 6:30pm for a special two-hour episode, and continues Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm on Seven

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Josh and Andi have raised questions about the transparency of the series, admitting they asked producers to leave the show.

“Josh was very worried about my health and the baby’s health,” Andi told WA today.

“Once we both made that decision to go, we went straight into the bosses and said ‘We’re having a baby, I’ve been pregnant for a little while and we don’t think it’s safe to continue’.”

“It was weird cooking knowing we were leaving.

“Even if we did beat them by one point I would have said as much as I’m honoured to win, we’re going home; it was scripted because of the pregnancy.


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