Nine revisits Kath & Kim on Tuesdays

Nine revisits Kath & Kim on Tuesdays

The wait is O-V-A-H! Australia’s favourite foxy ladies are back, so crack open the Tia Maria and put on the footy franks as we return to the start of the classic comedy series Kath & Kim from  next Tuesday,  with a double episode on Nine.

Kath & Kim quickly attracted a cult following and became a staple in living rooms across Australia when it hit our screens in 2002.

Fast-forward eighteen years and we still can’t get enough of the hilarious and timeless characters.

There’s Kath Day Knight (Jane Turner), mother of Kim, the successful TAFE student and foxy housewife of Kel. Kim Craig (Gina Riley), wife of Brett and high-maintenance horn bag. Sharon Strzelecki (Magda Szubanski), Kim’s second-best friend and desperately lonely sports fanatic. Kel Knight (Glenn Robbins), purveyor of fine meats and great hunk of spunk. And Brett Dean Craig (Peter Rowsthorn), pants man who works at Computa City and is the proud owner of Cujo the rottweiler.

Viewers will reminisce on some of the funniest moments in the series: such as the pumpkin style coach ultimatum, “no kiss, no coach”; Kath fake-tanning the wrong arm; Sharon mistaking Kim for Cujo in a black lace teddy; Kim’s mispronunciation of chardonnay; Brett’s woeful affair with Kylie and Dannii Bolton; little baby cheeses; and Sharon’s bad habit of eating Kim’s last Fat-Free Fruche.

Following Kath & Kim at 8.30pm is the Aussie classic film, The Dish, starring Sam Neill. In this comedy, as American astronauts prepare to make one giant leap for mankind, a small Australian town stumbles through its own small steps to help.



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