10 Speaks Launches 10 News First Person.

10 Speaks Launches 10 News First Person.

10 Speaks has launched a new, informative and engaging news and current affairs podcast 10 News First Person, that explores the people behind the headlines.

Hosted by Network 10 presenter and reporter Narelda Jacobs, 10 News First Person will take an in-depth look at stories in a way we haven’t seen before.

Each episode features a 10 News First reporter who will reveal the people and their stories which are most memorable and often most heart-warming.  These are the stories that resonate most with the news team. These are the stories that they want to tell in a deeper way.

10 News First Person will feature the everyday people involved in the stories – the witnesses, the victims and the first responders – and get an unprecedented and personal account of the events as they unfolded, providing an in-depth and detailed first person account of what really happened.


Ross Dagan, Network Director Of News Content, said: “You’ve seen them on the news. They are the people thrust onto our screens because of something they’ve said, something they’ve done, or something they believe. Now, 10 News First Person allows us to get to know those people far more intimately. For them, the story is personal… and they tell it in their own words.”

With an unwavering commitment to delivering the news, and a passion to unveil the stories about the people behind it, 10 News First Person will reveal a raw, emotional and unbridled account of the stories that either stopped the nation, or have to he heard to be believed.

10 News First Person is available now on Acast, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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