Nine locks in Reno Rumble

Nine locks in Reno Rumble

Australia will be divided right down the middle when a new supercharged series of Reno Rumble premieres later this month.

Six new couples will compete in the ultimate battle of East versus West, with two houses to be fully renovated every week. Each week, one couple from the team with the lowest score will be sent packing. The last couple standing at the end of the series will collect the $100,000 winners’ cheque.


Eight deserving homeowners have been nominated to receive the renovations of a lifetime. Among them are families who have endured heart-wrenching tragedy and those who have dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of others. Our teams will aim to give these battlers the beautiful houses they deserve.

Scott Cam returns as host, joined this year by Shelley Craft as they coach the contestants through their emotionally tough and physically challenging journey.

Two new judges are also joining Reno Rumble: Scottish duo Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, internationally renowned interior design experts. They will bring their brutally honest opinions, while offering plenty of advice and mentoring, to the Reno Rumble camp. Never afraid to tell it exactly like it is, they are sure to ruffle feathers along the way.


Sarah and Renee, QLD

Besties and funloving country gals


Lisa and John, NSW

Italians doing it with style


Scott and Nadia, VIC

It’s chaos for the battlers




Dane and Leanne, SA

Mother and son who know best

Jim and Hayley, SA

Watch out, they’re firecrackers

Steve and Holly, WA

Anything goes for the risk-takers

 Reno Rumble premieres  7:30 pm Monday March 21 and continues 7:30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday