Australia’s Got Talent March 13 and 14

Australia’s Got Talent March 13 and 14

Australia’s Got Talent will wrap up this weekend.

They’ve come from all over the country to show us their extraordinary and at times rather strange acts, and now the time has come to determine who will be crowned the ultimate winner of Australia’s Got Talent.

Competing in the two-part finale are:



Fourteen-year-old singer/songwriter Fletcher’s performance in the auditions went viral around the world and captured hearts from Australia to America. His semi-finals performance rocked the house. Fletcher has been performing since he was 11 and gigs on weekends at pubs and markets, Christmas carol concerts and birthday parties. His younger brother Banjo died after being hit by a car while skateboarding just before Fletcher’s AGTaudition. The two were extremely close and Fletch wrote a song about his brother to perform  in his memory, called Infinite Child.


Dance crew

The five-member Equals are a high-energy and intense dance crew whose performances convey a message of being equal. The name Equals represents who they are, a diverse bunch. Sam (21) studies architecture, AB (23) studies education, Alex (22) is a theatre orderly at a hospital, Ben (23) is a performer at Movie World and Jack (19) is a dance teacher. The group have been together for just three months and formed especially for AGT. They devised a high-octane routine for their semi-finals performance, complete with twists, turns and flips.


Guitar player

Callum is a child prodigy and the judges headbanged their way through his semi-final performance of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. He has been teaching himself to play the guitar since the age of seven. At just 10 years old he is a member of Australian MENSA, has the spelling ability of someone 30, the reading ability of a 17-year-old, language skills of a 25-year-old and memory of a person 25. He also knows the first 120 digits of Pi. Callum loves rock music and his idols are Metallica. He busks weekly, with his dad as his roadie, and has bought a baby grand piano and guitar with earnings. His dream is to be a guitar-playing astrophysicist.



Hailing from Townsville, King Social’s music is where country meets rap. Their semi-final performance won the hearts of viewers who voted for the band to appear in the Grand Final. Singer Angus pulled the band together and they made their first recording in 2012. Playing only originals, they represent a Townsville summer. Their dream is to make King Social their fulltime gig and perform as a band for a living.


Robot dog comedian

Erik is a robotic doggy comedian – a masseur and relationship counsellor during the day and loveable rouge by night on stage. He definitely got it on during the semi-finals, singing and dancing his way through a sexy routine with back-up dancers. During the audition he confessed his love for Kelly, forgot Sophie’s name and caused even Dicko to blush. But in the end he won over Dave Hughes, who used his Golden Buzzer to automatically put Erik through to the semi-finals. Now this doggy comedian is hoping to become top dog and win the Grand Final.


Blind singer

Singer Matt McLaren has been blind since the age of two. Accompanied on stage by his guide dog Stamford, he hopes to inspire people through his performance. At his home in the Hunter region of NSW he has a studio where he rehearses, writes and produces music. Both his girlfriend and parents are great supporters, as of course is Stamford, all of who will be cheering him on in the grand final.


Funny illusionists

Alex, Vyom and Luke met at a secret magic society. When they saw each other performing they decided to create an act as a trio – something they hadn’t seen before – for the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011.

Their audition performance even won over magic-sceptic Eddie, and their semi-final performance was almost too much for Kelly when they magically “smashed” her phone with a sledgehammer. Will another judge fall victim to the Gentlemen’s magic in the Grand Final?


Comedy dance troupe

Phly Crew have been dancing together for five years. Beginning as a duo with James and Neale in 2009, the group expanded and describe themselves as a mix between hip hop and Monty Python. Founding member James chose dance over volleyball after he was offered a scholarship to the USA, following captaincy of the NSW State team. The quirky, comedic nature of Phly Crew brought a smile to the faces of the judges during their semi-final act of Irish jigging around toilets, and the troupe will be hoping that the luck of the Irish delivers in the Grand Final. 


Glam rock band

This band of brothers is made up of Brennan, Bryce and Austin. Originally from Collie in WA, they moved to Melbourne with their mum to pursue their dream of the band while their dad is still back home working in the mines. Dad is the reason they formed an 80s glam rock band. He was a drummer and a huge Kiss fan. The boys performed an original song during the semi-finals and won over Australia. Now Sisters Doll are hoping they’ll glam rock all the way to a Grand Final win.


Raw & Rugged is an urban dance troupe containing 46 dancers with an age range of seven to 30. Leader Bridgette and husband Junior started the group after leaving their jobs as fulltime dance teachers to help disadvantaged kids dance. All members of the crew help each other out – one took in two of the younger dancers from New Zealand to help them start a new life in Australia. The group are ecstatic they received a Wildcard through to the Grand Final.   

* The final act to make it through to the Grand Final will be announced at the start of Sunday’s program.

 Australia’s Got Talent Grand Final 8.00pm Sunday & 7.30pm Monday on  Nine