New partners arrive to frosty receptions

New partners arrive to frosty receptions

Farmer Benjamin found a foolproof way to impress 33-year-old people and culture advisor Madelene, bringing her along to pick a new working dog for his farm: “Who doesn’t love puppies? I thought that was a pretty sure bet, to be perfectly honest.”

Romance blossomed between Farmer Harry and 27-year-old insurance claims specialist Bronte, after their date in a sunflower field left Harry speechless: “It’s hard to put into words what I like about Bronte. Just everything. I can’t fault her and everything just feels very natural. Think we’re gonna walk away from this date on a high.”

Farmer Ben got up close and personal with 24-year-old beauty therapist Kiani during their beach date, hoping to fish for some information about his new lady. Smitten, Ben said: “Kiani’s a half-time bombshell. She’s something I didn’t see coming at all. Kiani’s everything I could’ve asked for in someone meeting halfway through this journey.”

After a fun-filled pub date, Farmer Will was impressed with 23-year-old account manager Holly, confessing: “I’m over the moon with Holly. She’s really bubbly. She’s lots of fun. I think things have started really, really well.“

Farmer Paige took romance to new heights as she went rock-climbing with her two new suitors. “There’s been more physical contact in the first 24 hours than what happened the whole time anyone was on-farm,” she said. 

Benjamin’s ladies made no attempt to hide their disappointment as 36-year-old music teacher Lyndsay asked Madelene to “excuse the not-so-warm welcome”. 

On Harry’s farm, Bronte’s arrival brought doubt in 22-year-old psychology student Tess’ mind; while Will’s partner, 25-year-old legal assistant Madi, had heightened insecurity after welcoming Holly. 

The biggest blow came for Leish, who was hoping to spend alone time with Ben for her birthday, but was instead gifted the surprise of Kiani’s arrival. Devastated, Leish said: “Ben and I have always had those laughs and great connection and stuff. So to see it happening with someone else, it’s different and it’s hard to see.”

As the farewell dinner approached, Farmers Benjamin, Paige and Will decided not to send any of their partners home.

Harry farewelled 22-year-old ski lift operator Isabella as he “didn’t see that future with her”, and 24-year-old vet nurse Lauren decided to leave, telling Farmer Ben: “We both need different things from a partner and I don’t feel like this is gonna work.”


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