Blockheads complete Tim and Tyler’s house

It’s all about the challenge house tonight as our Blockheads work hard to renovate Tim and Tyler’s house in Gisborne.

Tom has a trip to the hospital after a piece of glass got embedded in his finger causing it to become infected. Sarah-Jane isn’t too concerned, apparently Tom is a regular at the hospital.

Keith gives Omar and Oz and their builder Danny a compliment, they are doing a great job this week and are ahead of the other contestants.

On the opposite side of things, he isn’t happy with Ankur and Sharon. While they are out shopping for the challenge house they take a call from Keith. There is not one trade in their living and dining room working. Sharon says her team are on a long lunch break and they are not happy.

All of our contestants head to the challenge house to finish off renovating the house for Tim and Tyler.

It’s an emotional time as they finish the house for Tim and Tyler and their families who are overwhelmed.

All of our contestants realise the importance of the challenge and are so happy for Tim and Tyler. It puts all the tough work back at The Block into perspective.

Darren Palmer is the surprise guest judge and he awards $10,000 to the team of Tom and Sarah-Jane, Rachel and Ryan and Dan and Duncan. 

Everyone leaves back to The Block happy they have done something special for Tim and Tyler and their families.


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