Neighbours Sets The Stage For Flashback Week

Neighbours Sets The Stage For Flashback Week

It’s the week that Neighbours been building to since the show returned, and now we are finally filling in the gaps of the 2-year time jump.

When we left Ramsay Street on Thursday, Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) was on her hunt for answers by tracking down Melanie (Lucinda Cowden). In her search, she is knocked down by Eden (Costa D’Angelo), leading to a lot of confusion from Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), who drove Melanie back to the street, promising answers.

Tonight, we pick up as Melanie starts to unravel her tale, taking us back two years to the day before her wedding to Toadie (Ryan Moloney). Of course, I can’t really say too much more without completely spoiling everything, but the big questions – Why did Paul leave Terese at the altar? Why did Melanie leave Toadie? Is Krista Sinclair dead or alive? – will definitely be answered before the week is out.

With Executive Producer Jason Herbison and Elizabeth Packett handling the week ahead, it’s not only in safe hands, but promises some big returns and a few key surprises.

Get ready to time travel and see everything we missed over the last two years.

Neighbours airs 4:00pm Monday-Thursday on 10, with the episode repeated at 6:30pm on 10Peach.


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