Neighbours Million Dollar Makeover

Neighbours Million Dollar Makeover

Neighbours has been given a major facelift.

Producers have built 3 full-size backyards and rears of Ramsay Street households Numbers 22, 26 and 32. This gives producers year-long access to spaces that were limited due to tenants living in the location at Pin Oak Court.

“Neighbours is all about families and communities. At the centre of that is the Great Australian Dream, our homes, our backyards and our BBQs,” said Hogg.

“We’ve taken the homes of Ramsay Street and we’ve relocated them a couple of hundred metres down the road. What that does is allow us to sets.

“It’s probably the biggest change to Neighbours that I can remember in a very, very long time. It’s a big investment and I know for the writers it gives them greater flexibility and ultimately these programmes  are about great stories and great cast”



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